Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hops Across the Lake - 26 Aug

We had a very welcomed visit for the day from our wayward acro monkey, Nova! He dropped in on his way back from the AcroJam in Austria. It was good to see him and we were very pleased to have a flight together. It was a north-wind day with good lift, but not much penetration. We all took off from Planfait with no one really planning to go anywhere. The girls went for a hike that began above launch. Mad Dog had other ideas about "staying local", and set off across the lake in short order. Some of us chased him. I cannot remember where everyone went or ended up except for Nova, who had his acro wing and stayed close to launch and Mad Dog who pulled me across the lake twice. The ridge of Roc des Boeuf finally began to make sense to me. In the end, MD landed at Doussard LZ. Just after he peeled right to end his flight, I hooked a decent thermal very close to the Rocs de Beouf approach and used the altitude to push upwind back to Talloires LZ. It was slow going and there was big sink, but I managed to make it. At times, I wasn't sure.... I was thrilled to join MD in a double loop. Don and Tommy were at the LZ already. We all drank many beers and wine that night. The rest is a blur.

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